Starz Unlimited Dance Studio

Serving Families in Salt Lake County and the Wasatch Front

Starz Unlimited dance studio is a nonprofit dance studio located in Salt Lake City offering classes in ballet, clogging, jazz, ballroom, pointe, hip hop and tumbling for ages 3 – adult. Since 1995 we have been offering quality instruction, affordable classes and modest costumes, music and choreography. At Starz Unlimited our dancers develop more than just good technique. Our classes and choreography are artistic, creative and fun and our dancers develop a love for the performing arts and build lasting friendships. Each year we hold holiday performances in December and a spring recital in June. We also enjoy performing in the community at the Festival of Trees, senior centers, local schools and community festivals.

What Makes Starz Unlimited Unique?

Nonprofit & Low Cost

Starz Unlimited is a nonprofit dance studio and only the instructors are paid for their services. All administrative positions are carried out by volunteers.  This means we keep fees as low as possible so that families can enjoy more classes for a lower cost than elsewhere.

Modest Costumes, Music and Choreography

We have high standards of modesty for our music, costumes and choreography. There are no bare midriffs, spaghetti straps, halter tops, or other revealing clothing in our classes or our costumes. Our music is clean and contains no profanity or suggestive lyrics. Our choreography is artistic, fun, expressive, and brings out the best in the dancers. No provocative movements will be found in our dances.

Qualified Instructors

Our instructors are highly qualified and have experience in performing, choreographing and teaching. More information about our talented instructors can be found by viewing their bios on the website.

Volunteer Ran

Studio families contribute in many ways to the success of our studio, like helping at the recital, being a class mom, sewing costumes, or helping at fundraisers. The success of the studio relies on volunteers contributing so that we do not have to increase costs to pay someone to fulfill these responsibilities. Families who do not have time to volunteer can pay an opt-out fee.

Homeschooling Friendly

Starz Unlimited was established in 1995 for homeschooling families who wanted to combine dance classes and socialization into their busy schedules.  We continue to offer classes to meet the day time schedule of homeschooling families, with plenty of opportunities for both dancers and parents to build friendships and support.

Family Friendly

At Starz Unlimited we know time is precious and every minute counts. Families who may need to wait on children or siblings can use classrooms for studying, our small dining area for a quick meal and our playroom to entertain young children.

Non-Competitive Classes

We believe that young children need to be children and should dance for the enjoyment of expressing themselves, and improving their skills, fitness and confidence. All of our classes perform each year in December and at the year end recital. Older and more experienced classes may also perform at other selected events. We wait until dancers are 6 years of age before placing them on competitive clogging teams. Other advanced classes may on occasion choose to participate in a competition, but performing, rather than competing, is the focus of our classes.

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