What Makes Starz Unlimited Unique?

Modest Costumes, Music and Choreography

We have high standards of modesty for our music, costumes and choreography. No bare midriffs, spaghetti straps, or other revealing clothing in our costumes keeps our dancers comfortable while keeping our dads happy. 🙂 Our music is clean and contains no profanity or suggestive lyrics. Our choreography is artistic, fun, expressive, and brings out the best in the dancers. Provocative movements are not used in our dances.

Qualified Instructors

Our instructors are highly qualified and have experience in performing, choreographing and teaching. More information about our talented instructors can be found by viewing their bios on the website.


Studio families contribute in many ways to the success of our studio, such as helping at the recital, being a class mom, sewing costumes, or helping at fundraisers. The success of the studio relies on parents contributing so that increased costs are not required to pay someone to fulfill these responsibilities. Families who do not have time to volunteer can pay a yearly opt-out fee.

Long Term Success

Starz Unlimited was established in 1995 for homeschooling families who wanted to combine daytime dance classes and socialization into their busy schedules.  We continue to offer classes that accommodate daytime and evening schedules to meet the schedules of all families.

Family Friendly

Families who may need to wait for children can use extra rooms upstairs for studying, our small dining area for a quick meal and our playroom to entertain young children.


Nonprofit & Low Cost

Starz Unlimited is a non-profit dance studio where only the instructors are paid for their services. All administrative positions are carried out by a volunteer board of directors.  This allows us to keep fees as low as possible so that families can enjoy more classes for a lower cost than at other local studios.



Non-Competitive Classes

We believe that young children need to be children and should dance for the enjoyment of expressing themselves, and improving their skills, fitness and confidence. Our teachers strive to foster a positive attitude about dance, and each dancers’ abilities and they inspire our students to encourage and motivate one another.


Starz Unlimited Mission Statement

Starz Unlimited Dance Studio is a non-profit, volunteer run cooperative of families, working together for the common goal of enriching children’s lives and self-esteem through dance.

We are committed to offering high-quality, low-cost dance classes which reflect our values of modesty, integrity, and our love of dance.

Starz Unlimited was established to provide dance classes for homeschooling families and we are dedicated to continuing that tradition by offering daytime classes for homeschooling families, while also serving the broader community through our evening classes.

Starz Unlimited does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, ethnicity or national origin in its educational or admissions policies or its policies regarding participation in competitive dance or other athletic, artistic and similar programs.

Starz Unlimited History and Studio Structure

Starz Unlimited began in 1995, by Carolyn Kemp and her daughter Heidi. They wanted to offer dance classes for homeschooled students in a nurturing & family friendly environment. Classes for clogging, ballet and jazz were held in the garage of the family home for several years, until they moved to a new home and incorporated a studio into the home. Carolyn continued to oversee all aspects of the studio, including hiring teachers and sewing costumes.

After 10 years of running the studio, Carolyn decided she was ready to turn over the everyday operations of running the studio, but she wanted to see the studio continue to operate. While still offering her home as the location for classes, Carolyn turned over operations to a new director who would run all of the studio affairs. That fall, Alison Maynes stepped into the position of studio director. The enrollment of the studio continued to climb every year, reaching up to 170 enrolled families.

In 2007, city regulations dictated that Starz Unlimited move to a commercial, rather than a residential location. This move has allowed us to expand our class offerings and also offer additional classroom space conducive to homeschoolers needs.

The studio is now managed by a Board of Directors, including the Organizational Director, Director of Clogging, Director of Dance and two Assistant Directors. Input and assistance is also given by an Advisory Board comprised of 10-12 members, including the Board of Directors, and individuals from enrolled families.

The only paid positions at the studio are the positions of the teachers. Since the studio is run by volunteers, the support of each family in a volunteer position helps the studio to operate efficiently.