The Carolyn Kemp Dance Scholarship

Carolyn Kemp started Starz Unlimited in her home in 1995. Her dream was to give her children and others in the community a place where they could develop new talents, build friendships and come together to discover the joy of dance. Her greatest wish was that every dancer who walked through the doors of Starz Unlimited would feel like a Star. In an effort ot see that wish fulfilled, the Carolyn Kemp Dance scholarship was created on our 20th Anniversary in 2015.

Scholarship Details
Awarded to one female and one male dancer each dance year.
Scholarship pays for tuition for up to 3 classes, registration fee, recital fee and 3 costumes.
Scholarship is good for one dance year (end of August- May)

Scholarship Requirements & Limitations
Attendance at 80% of classes required.
Awarded to only one person from a family at a time.
Scholarship recipients may not apply for a consecutive year.
Competition fees are not covered.
Scholarship may be lost for unsportsmanlike conduct.
Scholarship recipients must have a zero account balance from previous dance years with Starz Unlimited.

How to Apply
Submit an application and a 500 word essay explaining why you qualify to receive this scholarship and what dancing means to you.
The application and essay must be submitted by August 1st, 2019.
?Click the link below to apply for the Carolyn Kemp Dance Scholarship.