Starz Unlimited offers ballet classes for students of all ages. In our pre-ballet and beginner ballet classes our primary goal is to instill a love of the magical world of dance in our students and help them capture their natural enthusiasm for movement and music, while learning the basic ballet positions.

As the students grow and mature they transition into the more serious study of proper technique and also further their poise, discipline, confidence and artistic development as dancers. Dancers who wish to further their ballet experience may also attend pointe class, with instructor approval.

Pre-Ballet & Beginning Ballet– Age 3 (by Dec. 31) – age

Ballet/Jazz Combo– Age 8 (by Dec. 31) & older

Ballet II Technique– Age 9 (by Dec. 31) & older by invitation or audition. Previous experience required.

Ballet III Technique- Age 10 & older by invitation or auditon. Previous experience required. Minimum attenance at 2 ballet technique classes per week.


Starz Unlimited offers group classes in beginning and intermediate levels of ballroom and social dance. Students will learn 2-3 different dances each year, including; the Waltz, Cha Cha, Foxtrot, Swing, Nightclub Two-Step and Tango. While it is desirable to sign up with a partner, it is not required.

Ballroom ages 7-12

Teen Ballroom– Ages 13 & older. Age 12 may attend if they have previous ballroom experience.

Ballroom A students should have at least 2 years of previous experience.

Ballroom B is for students with 0-1 year of experience.



Clogging is a percussive dance. Dancers wear shoes that have double taps and beat out rhythms with their feet.  Clogging was traditionally done to bluegrass music, but is now danced to all types of music, including country, bluegrass and pop and has its roots in Irish, English, African and Cherokee dance.

Clogging Classes for Children– Age 3 (by Dec. 31) and older.

Clogging Competition Teams – Age 8 & older. Previous experience required. Team placement determined by clogging director after attendance at summer Clog Camp.

Adult/Teen Clog Beg. & Inter. Adults and teens age 14 & older. For beginners and dancers with 1-3 years experience.




Jazz, Lyrical & Modern Classes


Jazz is an upbeat dance style that incorporates elements of ballet, lyrical and modern dance and is influenced by the rhythms of jazz music.

Modern & Lyrical dance began in the early 20th century and emphasizes a use of gravity and creative self-expression, with the dancers using emotions and moods to choregraph their own steps.

Beg/Int Jazz– Age 8 & older. Concurrent enrollment in ballet technique is recommended. 

Modern & Lyrical- Age 12 & older. Previous ballet or jazz experience required.