Registration Terms and Conditions

Last updated: Aug. 5, 2014

Release of Liability

Parents and students are aware that there is an inherent risk in physical activity and will assume risk as such. I accept full responsibility for any injury which the persons who are enrolled in classes at Starz Unlimited might incur while at Starz Unlimited dance classes or at any location while attending a function related to Starz Unlimited.

By registering for classes, camps, or workshops I agree to indemnify (reimburse), release, and forever hold harmless Starz Unlimited Inc. for any claims, demands, and actions or causes of action on account of injury or loss or damage which may occur from any cause, without regard to negligence, other than gross negligence or willful misconduct of Starz Unlimited Inc. either for myself, for my children, and for children not directly involved with Starz Unlimited Inc, who accompany me and are in my care.

Enrollment Changes

Classes may be dropped/changed by filling out a class change form. This form can be  printed off the website or picked up at the studio. All fees and tuition will continue to accrue until these changes have been officially made.

Photo Release

By registering for classes at Starz Unlimited permission is given for class photos to be used on the website and in other publicity. Starz Unlimited will NOT display the names of students on the website or in publicity.

Studio Notices

It is the parents responsibility to regularly check the Announcements from Starz Unlimited email group “Announcements From Starz” or check at the studio for monthly announcements.

Policy Letter

I agree to read the policy letter in full before classes begin and understand that I am responsible for knowing all of the information contained therein.

Tuition & Fees

I accept responsibility for paying all tuition and the registration, costumes & recital fees as outlined in the Policy Letter and below.

A non-refundable, annual registration fee of $35 per family is due the first week of classes.  A $5.00 discount will be given to families returning from the previous dance year.

A non-refundable recital fee of $35 per family will be due Jan. 20th.

Costumes will be paid in two installments. The first payment for each class or team is due Oct. 20th. Some teams, advanced classes and combination classes may have more than one costume and a deposit will be due for each costume/class.The second payment will be due in the spring when costumes near completion.

Clogging Teams- 1st payment- $40. 2nd payment- up to $40. Total cost will range from $40-$80 per costume.

Ballet II, III & IV, Ballet/Jazz/Modern- 1st payment-$30.  2nd payment- $30. Total cost will range from $30-$60.

All Other Classes- 1st payment- $25 each. 2nd payment-Total cost will range from $25- $50 each.