Tuition Due Dates

Tuition is due the 5th of each month.

Tuition cannot be adjusted for illness, vacations or missed classes. A $20 returned fee will be assessed on all insufficient funds.

Paying Your Tuition

Make Automatic Payments

When registering for classes through our online portal, you will be signed up for automatic payments through your checking account or a credit card.  Checking account auto-payments have no additional charge. A monthly fee of $3 will be charged to use your credit or debit card for auto-payment.

Your account will be automatically debited on the 5th of each month for your tuition payment.

Using our automated system will eliminate the need for late fees to be charged, since payments will be made on time automatically. If your payment is returned for insufficient funds or any other reason, a fee of $20.00 will be charged. You will have until 10th of the month to remedy the payment. After the 10th, a $10 late fee, in addition to your return fee, will be charged.

Paying By Check, Cash or Money Order

Payments for misc. purchases and other fees can be paid by check, cash or money order.

Checks, cash and money orders can  be placed in the payment box at the studio.
All checks and money orders should be made payable to: STARZ UNLIMITED

Calculating Your Tuition

To Calculate Your Tuition

  To calculate your tuition, add up the total hours your family dances in a week and find that amount on the chart below.  Then add a fee of $20.00 per dancer. This is your monthly tuition due. (Example: 3 hours of classes is $45 + 2 dancers ($20 x 2 dancers= $40)= $85 monthly tuition) Tuition cannot be adjusted for illness, vacations, or missed classes. Please note: The $20 per dancer fee is waived for adults with children currently enrolled in classes. 

Click here to view pricing table

0:30 week $16.00
5:45 week $72.00
0:45 week $19.00
6:00 week $75.00
1:00 week $21.00
6:15 week $78.00
1:15 week $24.00
6:30 week $81.00
1:30 week $27.00
6:45 week $84.00
1:45 week $30.00
7:00 week $87.00
2:00 week $33.00
7:15 week $90.00
2:15 week $36.00
7:30 week $93.00
2:30 week $39.00
7:45 week $96.00
2:45 week $42.00
8:00 week $99.00
3:00 week $45.00
8:15 week $102.00
3:15 week $48.00
8:30 week $105.00
3:30 week $51.00
8:45 week $108.00
3:45 week $54.00
9:00 week $111.00
4:00 week $57.00
9:15 week $114.00
4:15 week $60.00
9:30 week $117.00
5:00 week $63.00
9:45 week $120.00
5:15 week $66.00
10:00 week $123.00
5:30 week $69.00
Add $2 for each additional
15 minutes of class time

Updated August 2020

Tuition cannot be adjusted for illness, vacations, or missed classes.

A late fee of $10.00 will be charged after the 10th of each month.

A $20 returned check fee will be assessed on all insufficient funds.